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The College of Science offers a full spectrum of scientific inquiry in six valuable fields of study, as well as pre-professional programs in a number of health careers. The college's goal is to create an environment of discovery and innovation that provides undergraduate and graduate students with fundamental knowledge and skills, and generate modern and evolving academic programs that emphasize a learn-by-doing philosophy. The college continually works toward advancing scientific knowledge and puts a strong emphasis on serving the university and the needs of the local and global communities.

Campaign Goals

  1. Travis Loie pours off a portion of biodiesel Creation of an Endowment for Student Experiences in Science and Mathematics Fund






  3. Math Professor teaching a studentCreation of an Endowment for Teacher-Scholars






  5. Nicole Villegas, a senior biology major, positions a slide of cancer cells into a microscope at Dr. Steve Alas' lab. Creation of an Endowment for Edge for Excellence







  7. Students taking an examCreation of an Endowment for Scholarships for New Students






  9. Creation of Endowed Chairs and Post-Doctoral Fellowships
  10. Creation of an Endowment for a Professional Lecture Series