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Support the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

The College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences educates students for lifelong learning experiences. We contribute to their intellectual and ethical development, and help them to become individuals who are able to integrate and apply humanistic thinking in our complex, diverse, and technological world. This is accomplished through the provision of strong academic programs in the performing arts, social and behavioral sciences. Academic instruction in these critical areas are provided utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to learning through academic and co-curricular engagement through nationally recognized programs such as the Ahisma Center, National Model United Nations, Center for Geographic and Information Systems Research.

The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences plays a critical role in the development of global citizens in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley Regions. As a member of Cal Poly Pomona's colleges, CLASS is committed to supporting the academic, ethical and sociological needs of students across the University.

Campaign Goals

  1. Creation of an Ahimsa Center Endowment

  2. Music students playing the guitarCreation of an Artists in Residence Program Endowment





  4. Creation of a Global Leadership Program Endowment

  5. Greg GreeneCreation of an Endowment for Student Scholarships






  7. Creation of an Endowment for the Transformation of a Community